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Doula Services


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Nurtured Spirit Labor Doulas provide:

Unbiased professional assistance to women preparing for childbirth. Whether vaginal or cesarean birth, medicated or unmedicated, girl or boy all pregnancies are honored and supported. Learn more here...

Nurtured Spirit Postpartum Doulas ensure:

You don't have to bring your baby home alone. Mother to mother support and pampering helping you regain control and instill the confidence you need to care for your baby your way. Learn more here...

Childbirth Education

We believe The Bradley Method of Husband Coached childbirth is the best method of childbirth education. Our commitment to educating the whole person extends from prenatal education to postpartum care of yourself and your baby. Visit to learn more about the method. Click here to register for classes.


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Relax… We’ve got you covered.

At Nurtured Spirit Doula Services we are committed to providing you with personalized labor support and postpartum doula care.

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear. - Jane Weideman

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